Fish prodcuts

Solutions in seefood industry

Processing, filleting, freezing and so on of various fish, shellfish and molluscs, etc.

Designing, Implementation and Commssioning of wastewater pretreatment unit

Localisation: Côtes d’Armor | France

Actvity: Production et transformation of fish product and French whelk leader

Solution: Thermo-hydraulical pretreatment and regulation unit

Treatment Process:

Cooking water treatment (salted and hot)

Lifting screening

Regulation pumping

Cooling with an immersed exchanger,



Odor treatment.

To match the requirements and to go over project constraints, EUROTEC DEVELOPPEMENT has developed and manufactured its home-made lifting screener.










fr   EUROTEC – Realisation KER – Effluents – Fishery



Extension, designing and commssioning of wastewater pretreatment unit

Localisation : Finistère | France

Activity : Filleting, freezing of fish, sardines, shellfish and molluscs

Solution : Substitution and extension of wastewater pretreatment unit with flow regulation and physicochemical treatment

Treatment process:

3cm screening,

Lifting station,

500µm internal rotative screening,

Agitated and aerated 21m³ regulation PEHD tank ,

Physicochemical treatment,

22 kgMS/h capacity  ressurized flotation,

4 kW capacity pressurisation unit,

11 bar capacity air compressor,

Outlet seflmonitoring: flow measurment and flow slaved automatic sampler


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