wastewater treatment

For wastewater in industry, food industry and also for liquid domestic sewage

Implementation of pretratment unit, wastewater treatment plant and tertiary treatment

The wastewater treatment

Specialist for more than 20 years in wastewater treatment, EUROTEC Développement offers its expertise in:

  • Pretreatment of water,
  • Wastewtarer treatment plants,
  • Tertiary treatment,

The company continually develops many equipment allowing the best value for money but also an availability of spare parts of its equipment for life.




According to the needs, our actions could be

  • Upstream water treatment test for validation of the treatment process to aplly
  • Technical and financila proposal, with result guarantee,
  • Turnkey or package construction,
  • Equipement providen mounting and/or putting on
  • Subcontracting and management of levelling, roads, concrete, building contructions