Our expertise

Multidisciplinarity and high level of requirements for quality

Our expertise

Multi-spécialists in the water cycle, we ensure that our expertise is involved values we trust in :

* Custumer service
* Quality, period and result commitment
* Customer stisfaction.



Our teams are multi-sepcialized in technical water and environmental trades and are able to deal with every trad body accroding the needs:

* Mechanics / hydraulics / aeraulics / chemistry / biology,

* Levelling / Structural work / Building and civil engineering / roads

* Coverage / technical rooms

* Electricity / Automation / Industrial computing / Remote monitoring

* Laboratory and field tests / pilot testing / Design / Manufacturing / installation / commissioning / training / Maintenance contract

* Air conditioning / Air and odor treatment.



EUROTEC DEVELOPPEMENT put its expertise in good use for its customers all over in France and abroad thanks to its sales agents and partners network.