Water recycling

Recycling is a must

For a rational and economic management of water in accordance with the preservation of the environment

Recycling water

In water management, recycling is important because recycled treated water allows for savings in treatment or in discharge, as well as substantial savings at the source. EUROTEC DEVELOPPEMENT offers its experience in this field, many cases have been delt with and the applications are varied:

  • Reuse of rinse water from food containers, in particular by the home-made CYCL’Eau process
  • Reuse of pretreated water in vegetable packaging to hydraulically convey waste,
  • Reuse after industrial water treatment on a duck down dump unit for prewashing purposes.
  • Transfer and overpressure of treated water for irrigation,
  • Treatment and ultrafiltration of water on a wastewater basis for washing vehicles,
  • Etc …