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To accompany you from your first questions until the completion of your project ... and more!

Our advices and coaching

Realizing your project with EUROTEC DEVELOPPEMENT, it is first and foremost beginning a great collaboration.

Involved ine sustainable and trusting relationship, we listen your all kind of project dealing with the water cylce : drinking water, water and wastewater treatment, industrial process water, irrigation, water purification and recylcing.

Our teams of engineers and technicians do know how to answer to your expectations, whether they deal with biology, chimmestry, technical issues, constrcution works, and so on. Our teams remain available to listen you.


Your project


STEP 1: Identification of needs

Your project can seem too global, unclear or involving too many hardly manageable parameters. We wiil know to bring you godd questionning to frame your needs and projetc and so to prioritize the corrective actions to undertake.

STEP 2: Definition

Whether they involve technical solutions, human solutions, implementation of new equipment or rehabilitation proceeding, our answers are always studied case by case and in adaptated to the contextual specifications.

STEP 3: Study and financial assessment

Once your project is defined, our teams start to choose and design technical solutions. This step meens entire and full studies involving hydraulics, hydrodynamics, biology, chimestry and so on. Our expertise and feedback come here and complete the scientific basis to develop an appropriate technical and financial proposal.

STEP 4: Proposals

When submissioning the proposal, we deeply explain item by item the solution: from technical aspect to the way of proceessing the plant/equipment through the land impact, the commissioning, and so on. Always listening for you, we integrate your requests and feelings in order to sharpen the solution to the projecc constraints, until we find a suitable proposal for each parties.

STEP 5: Implementation

Once the project is validated, we mobilize our teams and material ressources : workshop manufacturing, construction site implementation, subcontracting supervision where relevant, equipment and device mounting, commissioning and in charge staff training, and every thing necssary for a turnkey delivery in the best period.


And after?

The sustainability of our equipment and installations is essential. That is why we propose follow up and maintenance. By the way, EUROTEC DEVELOPPEMENT will be present again and again to ensure the good life of your installation and bring you all needed advices.